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The More Things Change The More Things Stay The Same

I banked my first cheque as a broker February 1978; that’s right it was 40 years ago. The very word cheque, conjures up a bygone age, let alone the 40 years. Back then I was known as a Leasing Broker because the dominant product was leasing, due to its tax advantages. As the Tax Commissioner cracked down on residual value settings, forcing them in line with depreciation rates, hire purchase came into vogue.  The popularity of chattel mortgages didn’t take place until the introduction of the Goods and Services Tax. The speed of technological development over the years has been exponential. I recall well, our first facsimile machine. We were early adopters so in the first couple of years it was useless because not a lot of other companies had them. Prior to the fax machine, applications were typed, some hand written, and hand delivered to the lender. Signed documents were also hand delivered. Over time the fax machine became almost universal with the vast majority of small businesses having one. How prophetic that it is now almost obsolete. The introduction of the internet ushered in a new age in banking. No longer would settlement cheques be collected from the lender and hand delivered to the supplier. The fax machine then the internet bought the biggest changes. Documents and written information could be transferred instantly. The final trip down memory lane relates to the mobile phone. I recall prior to having one; again, we were early adopters; my day would be challenged driving around trying to find a public phone that hadn’t been vandalised. Some of you will well... read more

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