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Full Member Joining Fee:                                   $300.00 plus GST

  • This fee is payable once only
  • No MFAA discount applies to the joining fee (please see below)


Plus Annual Subscriptions:

Full Member Firm

$350.00 plus GST

Nominated Representative of Full Member Firm (Associate Member)

$350.00 plus GST

Additional Associate Members (per member)

$350.00 plus GST

The nominated representative of the Full Membership firm carries the voting rights of the Full Member

Full Members cannot hold membership without at least one Associate Member

Associate Members cannot hold membership without the Full Member

Current Financial Members of MFAA:

CAFBA has a reciprocal arrangement with the MFAA which allows you to claim 50% discount on your annual membership fee.  If you derive the most benefit from your membership with CAFBA, please pay your full membership fee to CAFBA and claim the 50% discount from the MFAA. To claim your discount from CAFBA –

  • A copy of your current MFAA membership certificate must be forwarded with your application.
  • The discount will only be applied to the name on the certificate.