Commercial Lending Young Professionals – CLYP

CAFBA recognises that the commercial finance industry is aging. The current demographic profile of the profession is a reflection of its banking origins.  At a formal strategic review in 2017 CAFBA formulated a core strategy to attract new and more diverse entrants into the profession, which includes young people. One of the avenues to do this was to create an educational pathway into the profession, hence the development of the Certificate IV in Financial Services: Specialising in Commercial & Asset Finance and the soon to be released Diploma. Education is the key to professionalism, and young people are attracted to a structured career path. The new programs will create multiple educational routes into and career pathways through the profession.

To assist with the strategy of attracting young people to the profession and to provide a network support group to foster generational change, CAFBA has formed a separate division called CLYP – Commercial Lending Young Professionals. Membership of CLYP is open to professionals under 40 years of age, with the aim to develop a network of likeminded young commercial brokers, who will produce a series of networking and skill development events for commercial brokers and create a group that can advocate to people to enter the commercial broking space.

Information on CLYP’s activities, which are due to launch in July 2019 will be on this dedicated web page, with more information to follow. The CLYP Committee will be led by CAFBA members Max McFarlane, Sam Houselander and Renee Tocco, and will report to the CAFBA Board. The CLYP Formation Committee is:

  • Himanshu Batra

  • Carla Reynolds

  • Matthew Hince

  • Amanda Ceaser

  • Sofie Chapman

  • Leigh Sharpe 

  • Jordan Wilson

  • Jarrod Moore