FNS51815 Diploma of Financial Services: Specialising in Commercial & Asset Finance

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CAFBA and the Institute of Strategic Management have worked closely to develop the Commercial and Asset Finance Program.

Specialising in Commercial & Asset Finance

The successful rollout of the Certificate IV has led to an overwhelming demand for a Diploma level qualification that looks at the complex issues brokers face in commercial finance.

In close consultation with CAFBA, the Institute of Strategic Management has developed this qualification to provide brokers with a range of skills to meet the needs of their commercial clients.

Participants will develop practical skills to identify commercial finance opportunities and will be provided physical tools and checklists to support business growth.


About the course

This qualification is aimed at developing important competencies that you will find valuable in your role as a broker looking to grow a business in the commercial and equipment finance sector.

A professional approach to providing credit assessment and assisting the customer in applying and securing commercial and equipment finance requires a sound understanding of the range of products and sources of finance that come under this category of lending. It also requires a sound understanding of credit acceptance principles and the application processes of your financial institution.   These principles include a careful sequence of collecting information, methodical steps in conducting the analysis and a detailed review of critical areas that need to be examined to ensure the finance application is approved.

Above all, the professional finance consultant should have a high level of expertise in supporting the customer in selecting the appropriate type of financial product as well as ensuring the application to funding process is well managed and becomes a satisfying experience for your customer.


How is the course presented?

There are 10 units of competency in this Program that are incorporated into  6 modules (as below) , specifically designed to provide you with important competencies that will be valuable in your role as a commercial and equipment finance specialist. See the 6 modules here


Is this course for me?

For the those new to the sector, or those who come with some experience, this program will help you develop more skills in unique ways to present financial product solutions to your customers and to also adopt more of a partnership approach when consulting with your customer about best options to address business finance needs.

For finance professionals, a wide range of commercial lending and equipment finance products can provide more opportunity to provide service to customers. Industry research suggests that when you provide additional products to your customer, the customer becomes more loyal and will often recommend the services of the finance professional to other contacts. Also, the opportunity to open up more income-earning products can add a lot of value to the consultant business.



We understand that each learner has individual requirements and likes to study at their own pace. We would expect this course to take anywhere from 6 months to 1 year to complete. 

If you are interested in completing the workshop in another location please complete the Expression of Interest form on the ISM website and ISM will notify you when workshops are scheduled.

If you have any questions, please contact the ISM friendly Admin Team on 02966 07221.


Click here for more information on the FNS51815 Diploma of Financial Services or view course summary here.