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Institute of Strategic Management (ISM) has over 20 years’ experience in Financial Services training. We understand financial services, the economic and regulatory environment and emerging trends. ISM are specialists. We don’t just serve up vanilla training to go through the motions. We spend time with you to understand how training can help you achieve your business goals and tailor our training to you.


ISM and CAFBA have been working together since 2008 to provide the only Certificate and Diploma specialising in Commercial and Asset finance.


Certificate IV in Financial Services

The FNS41815 Certificate IV in Financial Services covers the fundamentals of Commercial and Asset finance and gives you an excellent understanding of key issues and product information in the commercial and asset finance industry, therefore enabling you to offer sound guidance to clients. It includes all the essential skills such as product knowledge, legal aspects and documentation required to implement a Commercial or Asset-based loan. The program caters for learners who are brand new to the industry as well as those who are experienced financial professionals. To read more about units covered in the Certificate IV, course timing and study options, please click HERE.

Diploma of Financial Services

The FNS51815 Diploma of Financial Services explores the complex issues that surround Commercial finance and is aimed at developing important competencies that you will find valuable in your role as a broker looking to grow a business in the Commercial and Equipment Finance sector.

A professional approach to providing credit assessment and assisting the customer in applying and securing Commercial and Equipment finance requires a sound understanding of the range of products and sources of finance that come under this category of lending. It also requires a sound understanding of credit acceptance principles and the application processes of your financial institution.   These principles include a careful sequence of collecting information, methodical steps in conducting the analysis and a detailed review of critical areas that need to be examined to ensure the finance application is approved.

Above all, the professional Finance consultant should have a high level of expertise in supporting the customer in selecting the appropriate type of financial product as well as ensuring the application to funding process is well managed and becomes a satisfying experience for them. To read more about units covered in the Diploma, course timing and study options, please click HERE.


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