Annual Subscriptions

The below fees will cover membership period from now until 30 June 2021. Please use the discount code 'PRO-RATA' for pro-rated membership fees.


Full Membership

$355.00 plus GST 

  • A full membership is the membership for the commercial finance firm.

  • In order to pay for a Full membership, at least one Associate membership is required.

  • One nominated Associate Member will carry voting rights of the Full Membership.


Associate Membership

Single Broker Firm $115 plus GST 

2+ Brokers (Per Member) $355.00 plus GST

  • An Associate Member is the individual broker/business writer(s) of the Full Member firm.

  • An Associate Member cannot be a member without the Full Member holding the current membership.

  • One nominated member will carry voting rights of the Full Membership (the Nominated Representative).


Retired Membership

$35.00 plus GST 

  • This category of membership is available to current CAFBA members who are retireing from the profession. 

  • Not aplicable to members who are partially retired or are working part - time in the Industry

  • This membership does not need to be linked to a Full Membership. 

  • Not applicable to new members



Related Association Members:


CAFBA has a reciprocal arrangement with the MFAA which allows you to claim 50% discount on your annual membership fee.  If you derive the most benefit from your membership with CAFBA, please pay your full membership fee to CAFBA and claim the 50% discount from the MFAA. To claim your discount from CAFBA –

  • A copy of your current MFAA membership certificate must be forwarded with your application.

  • The discount will only be applied to the name on the certificate.

This discount is only available if the majority of the business is derived from residential-mortgage broking.


CAFBA will waive all current CAFBA fees until the renewal date for your FBAA membership. This allows you to join now and enjoy the benefits of a CAFBA membership for free until the expiry of your current membership. At this time you will then pay CAFBA the pro-rata amount for the number of months leading up to the beginning of the next financial year.

Terms and Conditions of the special offer:

  • To claim your discount from CAFBA, a copy of your current FBAA membership certificate must be forwarded with your application. The discount will only be applied to the name(s) on the certificate.

  • In order for the application fee to be waived and membership fee to be pro-rated, the applicant must have more than 1 month remaining on said membership.

  • CAFBA will pro-rata your membership invoice so that it will be calculated based on the number of days between your FBAA renewal/expiry date and with CAFBA’s billing cycle (financial year invoices).

  • At your first renewal of CAFBA membership, and at each subsequent renewal, the standard fees and requirements will apply.

Contact CAFBA Secretariat for discount codes. The discount will only be applied to the name on the certificate. 

Please note membership and all other fees are not refundable once your application has been approved and paid.