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Email Marketing Basics: Key Principles and Useful Resource

Thursday 14, Jan 2021

As a follow on from the Digital Champions webinar series ‘Growing Your Business Through Your Existing Customers’, we’ve put together a helpful guide to get you started in the email marketing space. If you’re already harnessing the power of email, take a look at the useful resources to help you improve your communication skills and make the most of digital marketing.

Make it personal

Your customer’s inbox is a busy place, so you’ll need to keep up with the pack.

All email marketing platforms have powerful personalisation tools that are simple to use, and 74% of marketers reported that personalisation of emails amounted to increased engagement from customers.


Don’t forget the details

Here’s a few cardinal rules when it comes to the little things:

  • Make sure you are clear who this email is coming from. If your audience doesn’t know it’s you, why would they open it?
  • Update small things like date, by lines and the plain text version of your email. Even the smallest mistake can seem unprofessional.
  • Don’t be afraid to get creative with your headlines. Just because something is routine or factual doesn’t mean the headline can’t be a little interesting.


IP warming

If you’ve got a particularly large database, you may want to undertake what is known as ‘IP warming’.

Basically, if you’re about to use a new email address for mail outs, you want to make sure it doesn’t immediately get flagged as SPAM and go straight to junk. Send a few emails to key contacts and small lists first and start conversations. From here you can build up to larger sends and this will signal to internet service providers (ISP’s) that you are not a spam account.


Segment your audience!

There are a whole heap of different ‘campaigns’ (email sends) you can do in your email platform, to achieve different results. Remember customer lifecycles?

You can get in touch with customers nearing the end of their agreements, you can contact your newly won business to ask them to leave a review on your Google my business page or send an update on legislation/tax updates to specific industry sectors. Make sure you segment your data into lists within your email platform; you can name them clearly and add and remove members and people can be a member of more than one list. The key is to keep it up to date!


Don’t email for email’s sake

While email marketing is a cost effective and far-reaching tool to have in your arsenal, it’s important not to wear it out.

The important thing to ask yourself when emailing your customer base is ‘what do I have to offer them?’. If you come up short, it’s probably best to avoid sending that email.

Providing value to your customers can be in the form of information to support their business, pertinent updates, offers and opportunities for them to provide their feedback.


Adjust your content

Speaking of information and useful content, it can be hard to anticipate what kind of content your customers are looking for.

Luckily, almost all email marketing platforms come with valuable reporting functionality that shows how your content is performing. Open rates and click through rates will allow you to determine what information is resonating with your customers. Or, if in doubt, ask them what kind of information would help them.


Useful resources


Need an email marketing platform?

There’s no one size fits all system for sending emails but there are some great tools on the market. The Digital Champions Series ran through a demo Mail Chimp which is a powerful platform for small to medium business but if you’re looking for something, check out this article which evaluates a host of different platforms specifically for SME.


Looking for images?

Stock images and icons can be pricey, especially when you need a few of them. The good news is there are a number of great sites out there that feature free stock photography that you can use in your email newsletters.

Check out:

Pexels  |  Unsplash   |   Pixabay


Need to resize?

Many email clients like MailChimp require a specific size of image.

If you need to resize your image, you can use Landscape by SproutSocial and get the dimensions you need straight away. This is also a great tool for resizing images for social media posts to ensure you’ve got the right sized pics on your feed.


We hope these resources help you get started on your email marketing journey.

Look out to register for the next Digital Champions webinar series on social media strategy and dealing with brand damage in late January.